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Glory Khanna

Gender Education Ambassador

Glory is presently a student of the Masters in Applied Positive Psychology(MAPP) Program at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is learning the skills of increasing individual and community wellbeing. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Gen

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Sweety Rajpal

Gender Education Ambassador

Sweety is a communication professional with a corporate experience of more than 7 years. She has a diverse experience of advertising, public relations, and social media management. Currently freelancing, she devotes her time to social issues a

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Sadanand Chinchakar

Director, Kumar Nirman Project

Sadanand is an Agronomist and graduated Agriculture (BSC Agri). His core interest area lies in advisory services, diagnostic services, crop surveys and crop production forecasting to the farmers at a root level. His commitment towards the work

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Aarti Sharma

Programme Associate

Aarti is a development professional and completed her Bachelor from Delhi University, Delhi. She has quality experience in the education industry. Her vision is to provide quality education to girls and promote gender inclusion in Indian schoo

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Shivaji Chinchkar


Shivaji is a Educational Practitioner with experience of five years working with schools in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi. He was a Gandhi Fellow working on School Leadership Development with the Govt. schools in Gujarat, he has also worked w

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