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“Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance”- Kofi Annan

Kanyaka Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization working in Marathwada, Maharashtra region to address the girl’s education and livelihood challenges. The organization has been working from 2014 towards the upliftment of the marginalized communities and migrants. The organization has been established by professional social workers with the aim to educate every girl child and prepare them to eradicate poverty. 

Our team includes people from diverse backgrounds with a passion for working on an inclusive primary education system. Our work is strongly aligned with sustainable development goals i:e achievement of gender equality,  empowerment of all women and girls, and education for all.



We are registered non-profit organization under the Society Registration Act 1960 in the year of 2014. With a mission of eradicating poverty by empowering girls through education. 

This is an initiative led by rural young enthusiasts who desired to eliminate poverty from rural India. During their usual discussions found out that empowering the women in rural India would be a way to get rid of the threat of poverty.

What next, followed was establishing this system, Kanyaka Foundation, which in Sanskrit means 'daughter of the past'.  We, in Kanyaka, have nothing except our enthusiasm and imagination! This is what forces us through and marks us aside.

Why we are

India is growing at a very rapid pace, but the status of rural India still is far more different. And the condition of adult females in rural India is worse.

Such as women can be dubbed as a population at risk because of their limited access to resources and opportunities and their systematic exclusion from the position of decision-making.  What is more significant is that the operation of exclusion tends to begin at the grass root, the family level. Herein a girl kid is subjected to kind of languages and practices, which patronize exclusion of various natures at a variety of stages. What could be more heinous than killing female fetuses and babies?  The female infanticide and infanticides, the most horrendous of gender crimes, increasing steeply, it is the ravishment of the most basic human rights, the right to be supported. Women with higher social status are likely to be more sensitive to the female child’s need and aspiration. Thus, education brings economic liberation, which in turn facilitates social liberation.

Therefore, our objective is to eradicate poverty by empowering women with education so that the adult females in the rural can establish and help work the villagers fight against poverty.

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