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We focus on a long-term comprehensive programme on the primary education system which operates at two levels, first to facilitate an inclusive learning approach that will equally accommodate girl students and second to find out policy gap that can promote inclusiveness keeping all parameters in mind.  

First phase – Fellows after a training module will engage as learning facilitator with school stakeholders. This phase will run over a year which will start with rapport building with stakeholders, planning for school, identifying gender problems and facilitate gender-based learning. As a result, we will make school campuses as gender friendly, excellent girl student’s performances, education leaders and promotion of inclusive education practices.

Second Phase Each fellow is required to conduct a policy research based on their identified gaps in the first year keeping girl children education in mind. There will be a panel of research guides who will supervise fellow’s research throughout the year. At the end of the year, we will be having a policy document on gender education at primary level.