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India is growing at a very rapid pace, but the status of rural India still is far more different. And the condition of adult females in rural India is worse. Such women can be dubbed as a population at risk because of their limited access to resources and opportunities and their systematic exclusion from the position of decision-making. What is more significant is that the operation of exclusion tends to begin at the grass-root, the family level. Herein a girl kid is subjected to kinds of languages and practices, which patronize exclusion of various natures at a variety of stages. What could be more heinous than killing female fetuses and babies? The female infanticide and infanticides, the most horrendous of gender crimes, increasing steeply, it is the ravishment of the most basic human rights, the right to be supported. Women with higher social status are likely to be more sensitive to the female child’s needs and aspirations. Thus, education brings economic liberation, which in turn facilitates social liberation. Therefore, our objective is to eradicate poverty by empowering women with education so that the adult females in rural areas can establish and help work the villagers fight against poverty.